Intro to Worship at Central

What Happens in Worship
A chart that provide a very brief guide to the order of public worship at Central Presbyterian Church.  For short explanations of the biblical, historical, and practical reasons for each element in the service, see the commentary here.  For notes on the biblical, historical, and practical reasons for the order/sequence of worship, see the outline here.

Worship: Core Principles and Practices
This four-page article lists and explains some foundational principles for Christian worship as well as the specific practices that follow from those principles in the morning worship services at Central Presbyterian Church.

Lessons from Church History
This brief article identifies some enduring ideals and practices of corporate worship that serve as a foundation for worship at Central Presbyterian Church.

Introduction to Christian Worship
These notes from a Sunday school class on worship by Mike Farley, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Central Presbyterian Church, cover:
(1) biblical teaching on worship,
(2) a brief survey of developments in worship throughout the history of the church, and
(3) an analysis of the various elements of a worship service and their settings in music, in visual art and architecture, and in the time of the church calendar.

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