Introduction to Ascension Day

The Neglected Ascension
This short article gathers a list of all the New Testament references Jesus’ ascension to heaven and to the right hand of God the Father (and the large number might surprise you!).  The result shows how important Jesus’ ascension is for the ongoing life and ministry of the church.  Check out the great quotes from a number of worship scholars at the end.

Jesus’ Ascension and Christian Worship
A short article by Pastor Mike Farley on the way that Jesus’ ascension makes Christian worship possible and the reason it has been celebrated with a distinct festival day in the church’s annual liturgical calendar.

Observing Ascension

Scripture Readings, Prayers, and Art for Ascension Day

Reclaiming the Promise of Ascension
This article from the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship  explains the multifaceted glory of Jesus’ ascension and its ongoing practical relevance for the church today.  There are also numerous aids for study and worship planning.


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