Daily Worship Resources

Resources for Using a Daily Prayer Guide
The purpose of a written guide for daily prayer is to learn how to pray from the Bible so that the language and content of the word of God guides and shapes our own prayers.  Thus, the secret to using a daily prayer guide well is not simply to read the texts provided but rather to pray from the texts of the Bible and from other biblically based prayers.  The following resources will help you learn to do just that.

Martin Luther, “A Simple Way to Pray
Luther wrote this short piece for his barber, who asked him for some guidance about how to pray.  Here he shows how to use any verse in the Bible as a means for praying all four major types of prayer: praise/thanks, confession of sin, lament for pain and suffering, and petition for God’s work in the world.

Donald Whitney, Praying the Bible

T. M. Moore, God’s Prayer Program: Passionately Using the Psalms in Prayer

Arthur Boers, Day by Day These Things We Pray: Uncovering Ancient Rhythms of Prayer
Despite growing up in a church tradition that had no formal guides or structures for daily prayer, Boers shares how he learned to appreciate the value of ancient Christian forms of morning and evening prayer that have guided the prayer of many in God’s church for centuries.

Other Resources on Prayer

Paul Miller, A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World

Interviews with Paul Miller, author of A Praying Life
Cynicism: Low-Level Doubt
Persisting in Prayer
Pray Like a Child

Timothy Keller, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

Other Resources for Daily Worship

Bible Memorization Resources
A collection practical advice and tools to equip Christians to memorize the Bible.

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