Introduction to Lent

Intro to the Season of Lent (brief)

Intro to the Season of Lent (detailed)


Observing Lent

Weekly Scripture Readings, Prayers, and Art for Lent

40 Short Reasons to Observe Lent
Bite-sized theology: 40 reasons to observe Lent, all of which fit into a single tweet.

The Vindication and Blessing of Lent
Pastor Mike Farley explains positive theological and practical reasons for observing Lent in response to some historic Protestant objections to the season.

On Keeping a Holy Lent
Presbyterian pastor Craig Higgins explains how Lent can and ought to be observed in a gospel-centered and edifying way.

Lent and the Reformed Faith
John Witvliet, director of the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship, reflects on historic Reformed/Presbyterian  objections to abuses of the season of Lent, and also ways to discern and celebrate the true gospel-centered nature and purpose of Lent.

How Lent Can Make a Difference in Your Relationship with God
Presbyterian pastor and scholar Mark Roberts relates his personal testimony about renewing or taking up new commitments to spiritual growth during Lent.

Love in the Desert of Lent
Theologian Julie Canlis discusses how the point of Lenten practices is to clear away distractions in order to experience afresh in the midst of our lack and weakness the radical love of God in Christ, which is the power to renew our lives and our disordered loves.

Keep the Fast, Keep the Feast
Presbyterian scholar Peter Leithart explains how biblical fasting (a traditional discipline of the Lenten season) trains us to live the whole Christian life:   “Everywhere we turn, the world tempts us to be Adam. Our culture is devoted to stoking up appetites, and convincing us that we need to have it all, and to have it all yesterday. . . . Fasting looks like an enemy to life, but the opposite is true. Lent teaches us, and trains us, to be a people of patience, a people of restraint, a people who rejoices in a God who has time, and gives us time, and makes us wait for the treasures He gives. Lent teaches us, trains us, to follow the Master who kept the fast. We need to learn the lessons of Lent, we must learn to keep the fast, if we are going to be the people of the new Adam, and not just another variation on the old.”

A Primer on Ash Wednesday
An excellent introduction to Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent in general that explains how the themes of Lent, namely, Jesus’ testing, trials, suffering, and death, are an essential component of the gospel narrative and the Christian life. 

History of Lent

The Making of Lent
A brief article explaining the origins of Lent and its evolution into a 40-day period prior to Easter.



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