The Lord’s Day (Sunday)

Resurrection Worship: Easter Sunday and Every Sunday
This short article by worship pastor and teacher Ron Man shows that the resurrection is the center of the Christian faith and Christian worship.  Sunday is the Lord’s Day and the day of corporate worship because it is the day of our Lord’s resurrection.  Thus Easter Sunday is only a big Sunday, an amplification of the center of worship that we celebrate every week.

Memorialize the Sabbath
This short article shows that observing Sabbath rest is a way of renouncing ultimate trust in human labor and of cultivating trust in God’s provision.

The Lord’s Day: A Sign of Hope
This short article by Westminster Theological Seminary professor Richard Gaffin shows that celebration in rest and worship on Lord’s Day is a foretaste and promise of the ultimate rest and victory that will arrive when Jesus returns.

Make Sundays the Sweetest
Great encouragement for parents of young children to persevere in attending corporate worship every week.

For Further Study

A Sabbath Rest Still Awaits the People of God
Gaffin’s article on Hebrews 4 shows that a sabbath principle remains for Christians to observe even though the Sabbath in its Old Testament form has passed away.

Studies in the Sabbath
This sermon series by Presbyterian pastor Robert Rayburn provides biblical instruction on the Sabbath and its fulfillment in the Christian Lord’s Day (Sunday) as well as numerous helpful lessons from the history of the church’s observance of the Lord’s Day and practical guidance for celebrating the Lord’s Day as a Christian holiday of delight in God and loving people.

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