Baptism and New Life
A short introduction to some biblical basics about Christian baptism.

Baptism Basics

Part 1:  Old Testament Foundations

Part 2:  Jesus’ Baptism by John

Part 3:  Christian Baptism in Acts and the Epistles

Part 4:  Baptism and Salvation

Part 5:  Baptism of Infants

This 5-part series contains notes from a Sunday school class on baptism taught by Mike Farley, Central Presbyterian Church’s pastor of spiritual formation and worship.

Baptism in Worship
Presbyterian pastor Robert Rayburn briefly explains the meaning of baptism and the purpose of including baptisms within worship services on the Lord’s Day.

Why Infant Baptism?
An essay that provides a very thorough biblical argument for the practice of baptizing the infant children of believing adults.

Infant Baptism in the First-Century Presupposition Pool
This essay by Presbyterian pastor Steven Nicoletti shows that adherents of first-century Judaism and Graeco-Roman religions believed that their infants should be ritually initiated into the worship and life of their respective communities.  Since the New Testament and other surviving works of the early church do not address or challenge their audiences’ presupposition that their infants would be initiated into their religion, it indicates that they shared this widely held assumption.

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