Introduction to Worship

These files are the handouts for a Sunday school class on worship taught by Mike Farley, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Central Presbyterian Church.  The class and the notes focus primarily on corporate worship that occurs when the people of God gather together, and they cover three topics:
1.  A study of worship in the Bible as it develops in each stage of history from Genesis to Revelation.
2.  A brief survey of the development of corporate worship in the history of the church from the early church through the Middle Ages and the Protestant Reformation to modern movements in worship in America and elsewhere.
3.  A biblical and practical study of all the different components of worship services and the way we should understand them and engage in them, including the specific elements of worship (e.g., the call to worship, confession of sin, creeds, scripture readings, the Lord’s Supper, etc.) and the settings for those services in time (the church calendar), in music, and in space (architecture and visual art/symbol).

OT = Old Testament; NT = New Testament

OT Worship 1: Worship in the Garden in Eden
OT Worship 2: Worship from Abraham to Joseph
OT Worship 3: Israel’s Worship at Mt. Sinai
OT Worship 4: Israel’s Tabernacle and Temple
OT Worship 5: Israel’s Priesthood
OT Worship 6: Israel’s Sacrifices
OT Worship 7: Israel’s Music

NT Worship 1: Fulfillment of OT Worship in Jesus
NT Worship 2: Fulfillment of OT Worship in the Church
NT Worship 3: Foundations of Worship in the Trinity and Incarnation

History 1: Worship in the Early Church
History 2: Worship in the Middle Ages
History 3: Worship in the Protestant Reformation
History 4: Worship in England and Scotland (16th-18th centuries)
History 5: Worship in the United States
History 6: The Modern Liturgical Movement

The Order of Corporate Worship
Worship Leaders
Praying with One Voice: The Wisdom of Written Texts in Worship
Liturgical Body Building: The Formative Role of the Body in Worship
Music in Worship
The Lord’s Supper: Meals with God
The Lord’s Supper: Present and future
The Lord’s Supper: Creation, culture, and ethics
The Lord’s Supper: Liturgical form of the meal