He Has Come to Reign

The new song for June in the 8:30 and 9:45 services at Central Presbyterian Church is “He Has Come to Reign.”  Both the words and the music were composed by Sherdonna Denholm, who is a member and musician at Central Presbyterian Church and wife of pastor Todd Denholm.

This song is a strong affirmation of God’s reign in our broken hearts and our broken world.  As our church goes through many transitions that can make us feel unstable, anxious, and afraid, one powerful way that we can find strength to stand firm and to follow the Lord together as a united church family is to sing the word of God to one another in spiritual songs.  The Lord promises us that our singing is a means by which the word of Christ will dwell in us richly (Colossians 3:16).  So let us sing of the Lord’s reign with faith and thankfulness so that we can experience more deeply the peace and wisdom of Christ ruling in our hearts.

He Has Come to Reign (Audio)
Text and tune: Sherdonna Denholm 2010
© 2010 Sherdonna Denholm

For the Lord our God, he is strong to save,
from the depths of sin, from the deepest grave.
Ever faithful is his abounding word:
“Fear not, my child, I’ve overcome the world.”

In the darkest night, on the lowest hill,
though I feel him not, he is faithful still.
He is coming in all his righteousness.
I will wait for him in this loneliness.

He has come to reign in our broken hearts;
we will doubt and fear no more.
He has come to reign in our broken hearts;
all we lost he will restore.

When trials come and weigh you down,
you can catch a glimpse; you can hear the sound
of the angels singing heaven’s song,
saying, “Child, hold on; it won’t be long.”


The true and living God we serve;
his truth will stand, the only word.
He has come to reign, God’s only Son;
Jesus Christ, our King, he has overcome.


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