See, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph

During the season of Easter, we will learn this classic hymn about Jesus’ resurrection from the dead and his consequent enthronement as king who reigns from heaven over all:

See the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph
Music (melody) | Music (SATB) | Audio (tune only)
Text: Christopher Wordsworth 1862
Tune: Henry Smart 1868

1.  See, the Conqu’ror mounts in triumph.
See the King in royal state,
riding on the clouds, his chariot,
to his heav’nly palace gate.
Hark! the choirs of angel voices
joyful alleluias sing,
and the gates on high are opened
to receive their heav’nly King.

2.  Who is this that comes in glory,
with the trump of jubilee?
Lord of battles, God of armies,
he has gained the victory.
He who on the cross did suffer,
he who from the grave arose,
he has vanquished sin and Satan.
He by death has spoiled his foes.

3.  Now our heav’nly Aaron enters
with his blood within the veil.
Joshua now has come to Canaan,
though the kings against him rail.
Now he plants the tribes of Israel
in their promised resting place.
Now our great Elijah offers
double portion of his grace.

4.  You have raised our human nature
in the clouds to God’s right hand.
There we sit in heav’nly places;
there with you in glory stand.
Jesus reigns, adored by angels,
man with God is on the throne.
Mighty Lord, in your ascension,
we by faith behold our own.

This hymn not only expresses joy at Jesus’ resurrection but also shows its cosmic and historical significance.  Continue reading

Come, O Redeemer, Come

During the remaining services in the season of Lent, we will learn a new song to confess our sin and need for the Lord’s mercy:

Come, O Redeemer, Come  (Audio)
Text and tune: Fernando Ortega, 1996; © 1996, Metro One, Inc.

1.  Father, enthroned on high—“Holy, holy!”
Ancient eternal Light—hear our prayer.

Come, O Redeemer, come; grant us mercy.
Come, O Redeemer, come; grant us peace.

2.  Lord, save us from the dark of our striving,
faithless, troubled hearts weighed down.   REFRAIN

3.  Look now upon our need; Lord, be with us.
Heal us and make us free from our sin.   REFRAIN

The austerity of this song by contemporary Christian songwriter Fernando Ortega forms in us a posture of heart appropriate to the suffering of Jesus that we emphasize during the Lenten season.  As we ponder and pray in light of the cross of Christ, may the Lord make this song our humble and yet hopeful lament and plea for the Lord’s mercy that not only forgives but also heals and liberates us and the whole broken world longing for its Redeemer.

Lenten Devotional

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